Taiwan Attractions

Yushan National Park is located in the central part of Taiwan. The centerpiece is the 3952-meter peak of Yushan, the highest in Northeast Asia. This park is also known for its diverse wildlife and ecology. Its major scenic resources include alpine topography, alpine ecology, towering peaks, varying forest belts, wild animals, and an ancient trail, all of which makes Yushan an ideal classroom for the study of the works of the Creater.

Alishan is the most popular travel destination for overseas tourists outside of Taipei city. People who haven’t been to Alishan cannot truly say they have really been to Taiwan. Alishan's beauty is natural with living creatures such as the sunrise, sea of clouds, brilliant sunshine, and sunset. Additionally, the Alishan forest railway is one of the major mountainous railways in the world because of its winding climbing routes and design of return routes.

Kenting National Park was established in 1982 and it is Taiwan’s most densely populated national park. It includes large stretches of agricultural land’s providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, it also includes mountains, forest, pastures, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs.

Taroko National Park is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Yen Tze Kou and Chiu Chu Tung are the most impressive natural scenes at Taroko National Park and the canyons here are the narrowest. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along with tour track.